Jones Hollow Realty Group is a boutique agency serving Long Island with a focus on the South Shore and its surrounding areas. We take a much more personal approach to real estate, one that offers you the most value, flexibility, and insight into the market. In an age of technology where bigger is often considered better and instant gratification is expected, the Jones Hollow Realty Group in East Islip, stands among the best.

Jones Hollow has all the same tools and access to MLS, Zillow,, and all the other venues, just like larger franchises, but, where we excel, is with personal service and exceptional marketing. We promote each listing more than larger firms with thousands of listings. We pride ourself on community and quality vs. quantity. Our focus is not about how many listings we have but providing outstanding client service to the ones we do.

With Jones Hollow the value extends beyond traditional real estate agents, we offer a full compliment of options which include, contracting, staging and alternative solutions for homeowners.