Agreement Reached! – Potholes and Gas Prices 

I’m pleased to share two pieces of good news for LI drivers.

Last night an agreement was reached to cut the state gas tax to finally bring some relief from sky-high pump prices. Starting June 1, gas stations will be required to lower their prices by 16 cents to reflect the suspension of two of the state’s main taxes on motor fuel.

While it’s only about half of the cut that I sought—and drivers will have to wait a little longer than the immediate reduction I called for- it will still mean savings of a few dollars on a the cost of a tank of gas.

Meantime, I was also informed this week that the long-overdue repair and repaving of the badly pockmarked and crumbling LIE from the county line to Exit 65 will finally begin next week—a full year earlier than originally planned.

The condition of the LIE in Suffolk County is a disgrace and I led the charge to convince DOT to fast-track repairs using funding that’s already been set aside for the project. I am grateful to all who joined me in calling for action on these two issues. Together, we made our voices heard, and we’re getting it done.

I’ll continue to work on your behalf to make state government work for us, to improve our quality of life and making living on LI more affordable!

New York State Senate

New York State Senate
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